Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire..

"The interim administration will ensure all human rights abuse cases are investigated. All those who lodged complaints with the Fiji Human Rights Commission would be allowed a fair hearing. We take a proactive stand in all this." - Parmesh 'Bullshitting' Chand


This regime HAS NEVER and WILL NEVER investigate all human rights abuses because it condones it.

If you really do take a proactive stand Parmesh, then Mr.Taoi, Ms.Salabula and Mr.Young would never have been to QE barracks for questioning and in the case of Mr.Taoi & Mr.Young, physically assaulted.

The whole world knows that the cock-sucking bitch that leads the Human Rights Commission is a coup-apologist and will NEVER investigate a case of abuse by the military. She will just sweep it under the carpet like all the other cases (read: Verebasaga & Rabaka).
Why would people want to go and lodge cases with the FHRC when they will never be followed.

So dont lie to us Parmesh.

"If they lodge complaints we will make sure the cases are properly investigated"

BULLSHIT. You can fool some people some time but you cant fool ALL the people ALL the time Parmesh.


Anonymous said...

LYING LIPS IS FOR A MOMENT AS from 5.dec 2005 the miltary took power by accusing the sdl gov for corruption intil now their no evidence .the fondation of the coup was lie, rotten, jealosy,and personal benefit.what we facing in this IG is rotten foundation that will bear rotten fruits cos the branch has rotten dry dead the fiji human rights,someone have to kill her pramesh.

Anonymous said...

Ah hulloooooo the Human Rights Commish is supposed to be independent of both Parmesh, AG and the rest of those idiots...

But its gone to the dogs now and that is clear.

Anonymous said...

The lies were very clear from the beginning but it is amazing how the general public was so gullible in accepting the 12/5 coup.They said if its about corruption then its justified. Now they realise its not but its too late. The idiots who were very vocal in the beginning are now silent .Also the NGOs shud share the blame cos they legitimised military intervention in government policies by supporting the military (rather than supporting the issues) in the various widely discussed bills the SDL wanted to introduce since 2001. Idiots. Our country is just fool of idiots who want to be promonent all the time.

Anonymous said...

I could not believe the naivety of the people who thought that the coup last year would make things ok? How on earth could anyone entertain this idea? Couldn't people see the difference in Fiji since SDL came into power - there was more construction going on - this is one of the first indications anywhere in the world that the economy is taking a turn for the better as investors are keen to ally themselves with a stable government & Laisenia Qarase himself is well known & has a spotless reputation in the Banking World so would the governments of those countries. Now we only have dickheads from the Illegal Government who are now well known for their utter stupidy - noone will invest in Fiji with these people draining the coffers. I hope the detractors of the SDL Government are all very pleased with themselves - & another thing - FNPF - the Natadola Project would have doubled/tripled or more the FNPF money invested there if it was allowed to go ahead instead of being accused of corruption - that is how stupid frank bainibananam,mahen chodo & their government is - FNPF was like a bank - YOU HAVE TO INVEST MONEY TO MAKE MONEY - IT DOESN'T COME OUT OF THE DOGO PATCH. Now the IG is draining it merrily - so who's corrupt now? And while we are at it - just what is there to clean up? There's going to be a helluva lot to clean up when we can lock up these IG crooks. The only person capable of taking Fiji to the top is Laisenia Qarase - give him a chance next time & don't be too quick to judge as running a country that has been fleeced by former PMS before LQ is not easy unless you're a Financial Expert & understand how the World moves.

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