Friday, June 1, 2007

Sore Losers..

From todays Fiji Times:

THE interim regime has directed that no ministry, statutory body or corporate entity is to use the legal services of two top law firms.

In a circular dated yesterday and signed by Taina Tagicakibau, the permanent secretary for public service, public enterprise and public sector reform, the Public Service Commission said this was to "avoid conflicts of interest". The circular was addressed to all the permanent secretaries and heads of departments.

The law firms are Munro Leys and Howards.

This happened after Graham Leung of Howards challenged the legality of the Chief Prosecutor of the Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption (FICAC), Grant Tyrrell, in court describing him as a ''legal stranger'' in Fiji's courts. I'm not sure about this but I think former Vice-President Rt.Joni Madraiwiwi is also with the Howards Law firm.

Munro Leys has Richard Naidu as one of the big bosses there. This is the same Richard Naidu the military tortured a few months back. They took him into the interior of Fiji, bashed him up and left him there. Richard was also told to find his way back to Suva.

The FICAC so called Chief Prosecutor was also told to stay away from court because he did not have the proper practising certificate.

Mr. Leung described Grant Tyrrell as a 'legal stranger' in Fiji because he had not satisfied the requirements to practise as a lawyer here.

Hahahahaha.....what a slap in the face for those idiotic morons, and what a bunch of sore losers.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire..

"The interim administration will ensure all human rights abuse cases are investigated. All those who lodged complaints with the Fiji Human Rights Commission would be allowed a fair hearing. We take a proactive stand in all this." - Parmesh 'Bullshitting' Chand


This regime HAS NEVER and WILL NEVER investigate all human rights abuses because it condones it.

If you really do take a proactive stand Parmesh, then Mr.Taoi, Ms.Salabula and Mr.Young would never have been to QE barracks for questioning and in the case of Mr.Taoi & Mr.Young, physically assaulted.

The whole world knows that the cock-sucking bitch that leads the Human Rights Commission is a coup-apologist and will NEVER investigate a case of abuse by the military. She will just sweep it under the carpet like all the other cases (read: Verebasaga & Rabaka).
Why would people want to go and lodge cases with the FHRC when they will never be followed.

So dont lie to us Parmesh.

"If they lodge complaints we will make sure the cases are properly investigated"

BULLSHIT. You can fool some people some time but you cant fool ALL the people ALL the time Parmesh.


That's what the Military really is. A bunch of COWARDS. Yavu tamata kawaca, yavu kaisi bokola.

Punching an old man doesn't make you a makes you a kawaca. Is that how you respond to all criticism, through violence.

Leave the guns and lets battle it out hand to to man...fist against fist.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


No matter what you try Driti, Ului, Leweni & Frank..... you simply cant find us.

We're not 20...we're many.

Your so called IT experts are clueless. They cant even find their own arses.

Remember this:

We're Watching You.

Friday, May 11, 2007

It's Cracking..

Slowly but surely the cracks are appearing.

"It's character assassination, defamation and lies, lies, lies and it's bothering us," - Col. Pita 'Qavokavoka Lala' Driti.

It's bothering them.....woohoo, hip hip HOORAY.

Best damn news I've heard today. Yes, it better be bothering you Driti. All of Fiji now know about all your concubines. I feel for your wife, who's stuck with you during this tough times.

A big VINAKA VAKALEVU to for the daily updates. Keep it coming....... and we'll keep on distributing.

Another thing Driti, no matter how many officers you employ to track us down.... it will never EVER work. You cant find us. We're like the itch in your arse that just cant seem to go away. We're on you 24-hours 7-days a week. Too bad none of your so called IT experts can tell you that.

You're going down you bloody murderer.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dear Parmesh,

The interim administration could end up accepting people with poor skills and ultimately compromise the level of professionalism required of such posts -
Parmesh Chand, PS to the Prime Ministers office.

This in reply to the 'smart sanctions' placed by Australia, New Zealand & the USA restricting travel on the people involved in the Dec 5th coup....including their families.

First of all Parmesh, you're already serving under an illegal PM who is, in your own words, a man "with poor skills" and doesnt have the "level of professionalism required of such posts".

Of course qualified people will think twice before taking up posts in various boards. They dont want to be banned from travelling overseas.

Your boss, cranky Franky, doesnt have the respect, professionalism & the integrity to hold that post. He masi polo his way to the post of Commander, embezzled the RFMF's Regimental funds with his master Epeli Ganilau, ordered the killings of the CRW soldiers, threaten the US Ambassador, etc....
What kind of PM threatens the US Ambassador?

How someone like Mr.$50 man can hold the post of Fijian Affairs beats me? No right-thinking Fijian respects him (except maybe his fart catcher Kini Rarubi). He didnt even get more than 5% of votes in the last election. He's bankrupt, a fraudster, a liar and a bankrupt idiot who cant even pay his debts to a well-known eatery. Oh! did I forget to mention that he also stole from the RFMF Regimental Funds....and that's a fact.

Then you appoint someone dodgy like Jim Ah Koy to head the FTIB.

Nasir Ali to lead the new Anti-Corruption Unit after he was fired from the Police Force for corruption... how pathetic is that.

Rajesh Singh, Anthony Gates, Poseci Bune, Epeli Nailatikau, Manu Korovulavula, .... need I say more Mr. Parmesh Chand?

So much for professionalism.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Day of Reckoning...

To all the people who are "sick" and are unable to work today. Enjoy your day of rest & have a good one.

As for me and my "sick" friends, we'll be mixing our grog very soon (about 10am)..the white-x, Bob bon & lollipop are in stock.

To you Franky, Leweni, Driti, Teleni, military personnels, coup-sympathisers, illegal IG......I got one message for all of you from the boys here at Toorak:


Right, now back to the grog.



Time: 2:20pm
Venue: Toorak

Just an update on the current situation.

We're Doped.. Too much grog, too much BH, too much bon bon.

Thank God for Aunty 'Sue'. Just cooked a steaming hot chicken curry (hungry yaaaar) with rice, but these 3 idiots still want to drink some more grog so 'Tex' has quickly rushed off to the market to get some more, stopping at JBE on the way for some wash-down.

And it's still Tuesday.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Shame list in pictures..

A BIG vinaka vakalevu to the owners of for finally putting the names in pictures.

Everyone, please take the time to see all the people behind the Dec 5th coup.

Can they please also add:

  • Richard Broadbridge (new Chairman of Fiji Audio Visual Commission)
  • Comdr. Viliame Naupoto (new Director of Immigration)
  • Filipe Bole (fail politician from the Alliance party)
  • Sitiveni Raturala (one of cranky Frankys fart catchers)
  • Nikhil Singh (one of Chaudhry's many fart catchers, now living in Sydney)
  • Riyaz Saiyed Kyaiyum (another fart catcher & brother of illegal AG)
  • Jo Nawalowalo (corrupt businessman)
  • Jinita Prasad (CEO South Pacific Stock Exchange and another Chaudry fart catcher)
  • Arvid Datt (Financial Controller Fiji TV & Chaudry fart catcher)
  • Col. Apakuki Kurusiga of the RFMF (another of Franks fart catchers & bankrupt businessman)
  • Himmat Lodhia (President of the Fiji Retailers Association)
  • Aslam Khan (Vodafone's Big Boss...husband of Judge Nazhat Shameem)
  • Nasir Ali (Head of the new Anti-Corruption Unit.... a man that was fired from the Police Force for corruption, Ironic isnt it??)
  • Rupeni Nacewa (Secretary to the Presidents Office)
  • Rishi Ram (PSC Chairman)
  • Kini Rarubi (former Alliance party spokesman, Ganilau's fart catcher and political opportunist)

So if anyone out there has any more names that should be added to the list, please forward it to me : or to the owners of the blog .

Let us shame this people behind the scenes.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Coke Games...

To all the kids taking part in this weekends Coke games... I wish you all the best and may the best man/lady win.

To those who dont make it to the podium, remember that winning isnt everything.

Good Luck.

Why the aaahhhh..... change of Heart???

"If they want to stand then that's their choice because we won't stand between them". As far as we (RFMF) are concerned that's history and we need to move on." - Leweni.

This is response to the ousted SDL members seeking re-election in the next election (whenever that is).

Now if my memory serves me right, I'm dead certain that cranky Franky & his little lap dog Leweni clearly said after the Dec 5th debacle that no member of the SDL party will ever be allowed to stand for another election. Now, I cant find the link to that story but I'm sure some of you out there remembers.

Now, the big question is WHY the change of heart now?? What's with the turn around??

Is it because of a certain UN team in the country?? Is it something to do with the EU roadmap??

It's prudent for us to understand that we are undergoing certain changes that are supposed to take place before the elections." - Leweni.

Certain changes huh... changes like what, Immunity for you and all your cronies in the Interim Goverment. Immunity for the murderers of Nimilote Verebasaga & Sakiusa Rabaka. Immunity for those idiotic political whores the Shameem sisters. Is this the certain changes you talking about???

The military said its "clean-up" of the SDL Government last year was necessary to weed out corruption.

Now what would happen if the SDL Government came back into power. What are you going to do about it? Are you gonna overthrow it again??